Managed Print Services Solution throughout India

For many years people have been extolling the virtues of a ‘paperless society.’ ‘Yes’, we hear you say, ‘easier said than done!’ However, with Managed Print Solution or MPS, you can go some way to reducing your paper usage and help to minimise the pressure on our fragile planet. Here’s how…

Most businesses know there has been an increasing move in the last few years from paper-based documentation to digital, even though many still have some way to go.  Although reducing usage forms a major part of how companies tackle this problem, through digitalisation of documents, reduction of paper copies, and so on, statistics still show that industry still uses huge amounts of paper, costing untold amounts of money. It’s therefore sensible for a company to manage its printing output whenever it can.

Thus, many workplaces now consolidate all their important information through digital means, resulting in serving their customers better and driving the business forward.  However, the downside has sometimes been data security breaches to company systems. Yet by gaining control of your documents, you can save as much as 30% off your total outlay, as inefficient printing systems, time is spent on document processes/printing devices are increasingly responsible for eating into huge chunks of a company’s finances.

So to survive in today’s ultra-competitive climate, businesses need to make such changes by adopting a ‘Managed Print Services’ approach to their documents. By introducing an output management strategy, companies can outsource print management and therefore significantly reduce their overall document management costs and ultimately save a significant amount on expenditure. Through consolidating print into one totally integrated infrastructure, all the headaches associated with the day to day management of printers, (often taking workers away from the job they were employed for), document control, and print processes, can be removed. The savings a company can make by using Managed Print Solution can be significant, whilst also enabling you to monitor, control and protect your documents.

Managed Print Services will…

  • Decrease document-related expenses and control your expenditure
  • Increase employee productivity and reduce waste
  • Improve your ‘green footprint’
  • Help you to protect your documentation

What are Managed Print Services? (MPS)

The phrase seems complex, but simply put, it’s basically gaining sight and controlling your printing and photocopying costs, which ultimately saves you money and will help to boost your productivity. MPS will help you to improve your document security, address environmental issues, encourages streamlining of processes, reduces costs and increases efficiency in the workplace.

‘Printing’ refers to the total cost of optimising and managing your printers, which encompasses their total output, along with the processes and people that support these devices.

This includes:

  • Pages which office/mobile workers produce, and production print operations
  • Multifunction printers, desktop printers, high-volume printer/ copiers, scanners and fax machines
  • Materials sent out for quick printing, mailing, distribution and offset printing
  • Ink, toner, paper and other consumables and supplies
  • IT help-desk support, technical service and maintenance

When costing this “printing”, businesses have realised that it, it’s responsible for as much as 15% of their annual spending.  Yet If you outsource your print management through Managed Print Services, you should cut your costs by almost a third!  So why not take the plunge now, take that simple step to outsource your print management through MPS and before you know it you’ll have your costs by almost a third and begun that journey towards the ‘paperless society!’  What are you waiting for?

Finding a reputable Managed Print Service Provider

When you decide to opt for Managed Print Services, look for a reputable company that will do more than just oversee your printers and photocopiers.  Such companies will also:

  • Undertake a thorough, initial assessment to assess your current practices
  • Develop a comprehensive plan to help you to streamline your supplies eg the number of printing devices you have, whilst still meeting the needs of your company
  • Identify and solve printing problems
  • Help you to use less paper/energy, thus reducing your ‘green footprint’
  • Monitor/modify the print environment by improving processes to save time and money
  • Manage/optimise your total print output
  • Give network management and IT solutions, eg cloud-based solutions
  • Provide staff training to make them more productive and less wasteful
  • Have a good track record in providing MPS, using highly skilled technicians
  • Introduce more efficient, automated, digital processes to replace slow, paper-based ones

It’s important to bear these factors in mind when searching for a good MPS provider.  Many do exist, but if they don’t offer these things, or they are too expensive, then try elsewhere!

Paragon Comment - Why Choose Us?

‘Managed Print Services’ will help you to reduce your costs through outsourcing your print management.  Our Managed Print Services Solution throughout India can help companies by;

  1. Cutting capital expenditure
  2. Increasing productivity of IT resources and print use
  3. Reducing printing costs - by as much as 30%

We’ll reduce the total cost of your office printing and enhance employee productivity by managing all aspects of your office printing and copying. This includes such areas as:

  • service desks
  • break-fix (see our repair page)
  • supplies
  • procurement of new equipment etc

Our consultative approach to Managed Print Services will target the unique needs of your company.  Using our vast expertise, we’ll diagnose, assess, manage and give you advice on changing your practices where necessary, whilst tailoring our service to your specific requirements.

We are one the best Managed Print Service companies in the country.  We’ll not just oversee your printers, our experts will use their tried and tested methods to:

  • Manage print devices - regardless of manufacturer
  • Assess printing needs and put into place the best mix of devices for your business
  • Help you to introduce automated, digital processes, leaving behind the slow, paper-based methods behind you.

‘Elpee MPS’ will seamlessly manage your print infrastructure, enabling you to focus on your real business.  We offer a wide range of MPS for both small businesses to larger enterprises so that everyone can benefit from reducing/taking control of their printing costs.  So, allow us to optimise your printing, simplify management systems, improve your security and automate/digitalise your business?  We’ll keep your printer fleet operating efficiently, without any interruption to your workplace, all at an unbeatable cost.  In using Document Solutions for your MPS, you’ll not only have improved efficiency in your workplace but won’t be paying an absolute fortune for the privilege!

To find out more about our managed print solution please contact us or find out more about our Managed Print Services here.