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Print Driver Management:
“The printer won’t print.” This is one of the most dreaded phrases to hear if you’re in IT. Why? It’s vague, meaning you’ll have a long road ahead of you trying to figure it out.
Research suggests that up to 40 per cent of all calls made to IT support desks are about printers and other multi-purpose devices. This is a huge burden on a company’s own highly-trained IT staff.

Moreover, if you work at a company that has multiple branches, you may have a print server at each of those locations. This configuration restricts any failures to that branch and print traffic off the WAN.

The downside to this set up is that it is expensive to run and maintain multiple print servers. It is also incredibly time-consuming for you or your staff to troubleshoot, maintain and update that many devices. There is also a lot of scripting and GPOs that need to be applied in order to get the right drivers to the right people at the right time.

However, with Elpee MPS, these problems could be easily avoided. Elpee firmly believes that “Time equals money,” which is the why we are dedicated to help you utilize them efficiently

Believe it or not, Elpee MPS gives you the opportunity to save both time and money.

Managed Print Solution drive down costs and enable businesses to save upto 30% by choosing a fully managed print solution for their everyday office printing and copying.

The cost savings are certainly a significant and welcome aspect of MPS but that’s not the only benefit. Customers can now plan their budgets more accurately as they only have one invoice, usually for a fixed amount, for the entire service.”

Our MPS customers are able to use our technical support service, so they don’t have to use the valuable time of their own IT department to help fix printers and other related equipment, which allows their time to be used much more productively

“By using MPS, a customer’s IT department can get on with business-critical activity instead of getting bogged down with basic print issues that we can look after on their behalf – and it’s all included in the price!”

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