MPS Benefits

6:11 am Elpee Mps

If you carefully calculate per page printing cost for your company, the high number will definitely surprise you. This high per page cost is primarily because of i) the high cost of expensive overpowered printers, ii) the servicing, spares, electrical power cost of maintaining these overpowered printers and iii) because all users have unrestricted access and unlimited printing rights.

With Elpee’s Managed Print Solution you get total print fleet management along with the best printing practices like not using the cheapest printer to run, but using the most cost effective printer for the print load, at that node. We also deploy Managed Print Software to restrict user access and implement quotas. The fine tuned best print process significantly reduces printing cost, even as you pay per print.

Hence, the main Managed Print Solution benefits are:

Reduce Costs

By fleet rationalisation, Elpee uses few right-powered printer models, at the right nodes. This reduces cost of consumables, real estate footprint, spare stocks, electric power and of the helpdesk team – reducing the Total Cost of Ownership for the printer network. Features like pull printing and duplex printing, save paper. Elpee also passes on it’s expertise and economies of scale in buying of printers, paper and consumables, to reduce printing costs significantly.
Capex to Opex


With Elpee MPS you get total print fleet management where any investment in capital expenditure for printers as well as for spares, repairs, upgrades and consumables is made by Elpee – You just incur the operational expense on a cost per print model.

Reduce Risks

With Elpee’s Premium Print Management software, you have custom software for MIS records of who is printing what. With features like pull printing and access controls, you also ensure security. And with an SLA based engagement, there is minimal downtime risk.

Operational Ease

By outsourcing to an MPS provider, you enjoy ‘Green operations’ with lower power usage, reduced toner waste and obsolete device recycling. Every printer is effectively an eco printer. And while Managed print service spans the purchase, maintenance and operation of the total print fleet – you get a simple Invoice detailing just the cost per print for various printers. This way, you enjoy print cost reduction and, complete operational ease.