7 Ways to Cut Print Costs and Secure your Office Print Network

Here are the few ways how Elpee has achieved it for its client.
1. Control
With Managed Print Solution print monitoring software you can track and get full visibility of your printing. So, you will be able to see the overall picture of your printing, and be able to make changes that are reflected right away in all of your printing.You also get tighter control over - and better - security and knowing how much you’ll be spending on printing will give you more control with financials as well.

2. Fixed cost per page
In an unmanaged Print Environment every document uses variable amount of ink or toner. So you have to pay different price for printing each document. This leads in high usage of consumables in your organisation. But with managed print solutions all variable expenses are consolidated and customers pay a fixed cost per page which reduces overall expenditure.

3. Security
With increasing print related data breaches it is very essential to secure your print network. Managed Print Solutions help you secure your print network in 3 ways
MFPs and other print and copying devices in the print network are secured. card authentication is used to authenticate users before printing.
Data in workflow process is secured from user device to printing or copying device.
Document Risks
Documents are not allowed to print and stay in the printer trays until user manually authenticates. This makes all the sensitive documents in the organisation more secure.

4. Simplified invoicing
Going from multiple invoices for each supply item in multiple printing devices every month to only one invoice per month. Now Elpee customers will get only one invoice for number and types of pages printed in a month across entire print fleet.

5. Easy to use, Convenient
With printers of same model and make, will make it easy for users to use them across their organisation. This will ensure smooth flow of printing throughout the organisation.

6. Service and Support
Elpee offer timely maintenance, on-site service and technical support to ensure professional printing when you need it.

7. Enhance Productivity and Efficiency by Optimizing your Print Environment
Elpee designs a solution as per your print needs which takes care of your print costs, print devices and high volume print environment. Another benefit is that it allows you to keep control of your long term goals for your print fleet. When you use a managed print service you are able to think and prepare for the long term, which means that you’ll have a great deal more flexibility when planning budgets, growth strategies and company policy.
With on-site service, simplified invoicing system, uninterrupted printing and with auto generated requests for printer consumables your IT guys can focus on what is important to your business which helps to improve efficiency and productivity.